• Aged Care Homes

    Aged Care Homes

    Zoran Gelic,

    Regulation of Aged Care Services.

    In Australia, aged care services and aged care service providers (i.e. nursing homes) are governed primarily by the Aged Care Act

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  • Aged Care Agreements

    Aged Care Agreements

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    Aged care agreements

    In Australia, aged care homes (i.e. nursing homes) are governed and regulated by the Aged Care Act 1997 (Cth) (the ‘Act’). If you decide to move into an aged care

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  • Common boundary

    Common boundary

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    Common boundary not agreed.

    If you wish to construct a ‘dividing fence’ on your property but you (the ‘owner’) and your neigbour (the ‘adjoining owner’) cannot agree on the position

  • Choosing the right attorney

    Choosing the right attorney

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    Choosing an attorney

    An ‘attorney’ is a person who is authorised to make particular decisions and do particular other things for another person, known as the ‘principal’. Following the

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  • Court Claims

    Court Claims

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    What is a Court “claim”?

    In order to commence civil proceedings before either the Magistrates Court, the District Court or the Supreme Court of Queensland, a party must file a Court document known as a “claim” with the relevant Court registry. A claim is an “