• Retaining Wall Disputes

    Retaining Wall Disputes

    Zoran Gelic,

    If you and your neighbour are having a dispute about who has responsibility for the maintenance, repair or replacement of a retaining wall, this article will give you insight into the law governing retaining walls and what your options are to resolve the dispute.

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  • Retail shop lease costs

    Retail shop lease costs

    Zoran Gelic,

    Lessee’s liability for costs associated with the retail shop lease

    A lessee under a retail shop lease is not liable to pay any amount for the lessor’s legal or other expenses in relation to the following:

    preparing, renewing or extending the retail shop lease; obtaining the consent of a mortgagee
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  • Retail shop lease outgoings

    Retail shop lease outgoings

    Zoran Gelic,

    Meaning of ‘outgoings’

    Under the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld) (the ‘Act’), a lessor’s outgoings for a retail shopping centre or leased building are:

    the lessor’s reasonable expenses directly attributable to the operation, maintenance or repair of the centre or building and areas
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