Commercial Law

We assist our clients with simple and complex commercial transactions.

For example, we will assist our clients with:

  • buying or selling a business whether simple businesses valued less than $100,000, or complex State or Nationally based businesses exceeding $3,000,000, as well as franchises and stand alone business assets;
  • negotiating and entering commercial leases and retail shop leases
  • heads of agreement, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • business partnership agreements and joint venture agreements
  • shareholder agreements and share sale agreements
  • supply of goods or services agreements
  • manufacturing, distribution and drop-ship agreements
  • industry specific terms and conditions of trade
  • website terms and conditions and privacy policy
  • limitation of liability waivers
  • loan, mortgage, guarantee and indemnity documents
  • irresponsible lending compensation claims (click here for more information)

Contact us today on 07 3088 7937 or email us at [email protected] if you require legal advice, assistance or representation in these areas, or would like to arrange an initial consultation at our office with one of our experienced lawyers.

Latest Articles


    Enforceability of Land Covenants

    A covenant, in the context of, or in relation to, land, is a reference to an obligation concerning the land, whether that obligation be positive or negative (i.e. restrictive) in nature. The purpose of land covenants is generally to preserve the value of the land and to protect its

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    Principles of Contract Construction

    It is almost inevitable. A contract, whether commercial or consumer in nature, is bound to have a word, phrase, provision, part or section which is not entirely clear and gives rise to more than one reasonable interpretation.

    This is where most disputes between parties will occur. 

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    A Few Things You Should Know

    If you are buying a property management rent roll from another real estate agency or a book of clients from either a mortgage broker or financial planner, you can, and should, use a business contract with special conditions specifically drafted to cover transactions of this

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