• Choosing the right attorney

    Choosing the right attorney

    Zoran Gelic,
    Choosing an attorney An ‘attorney’ is a person who is authorised to make particular decisions and do particular other things for another person, known as the ‘principal’. Following the
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  • Body Corporate Disclosure

    Body Corporate Disclosure

    Alice Skalski,
    When you are purchasing a residential unit or apartment in a building complex (or more particularly, a lot in a community titles scheme), the Seller must provide a disclosure statement to
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  • Retail Shop Leases Act (Qld)

    Retail Shop Leases Act (Qld)

    Alice Skalski,
    Relationship of the Act to retail shop leases The object of the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld) (the ‘Act‘) is to promote efficiency and fairness for retail businesses in Queensland by imposing minimum standards for retail shop leases and providing a dispute resolution process for retail tenancy disputes. To achieve this end, the Act states that: the Act’s provisions are […]
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  • Insurance risk

    Insurance risk

    Alice Skalski,
    In Queensland, if you enter a standard contract of sale for the purchase of a house, a unit or vacant land (‘Contract of Sale’), which in respect of houses and land, the ‘REIQ
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  • Court Claims

    Court Claims

    Zoran Gelic,
    What is a Court “claim”? In order to commence civil proceedings before either the Magistrates Court, the District Court or the Supreme Court of Queensland, a party must file a Court document known as a “claim” with the relevant Court registry. A claim is an “originating process”, as it officially starts the Court proceeding once […]
  • Court Applications

    Court Applications

    Zoran Gelic,
    When can a party commence Court proceedings by way of a Court application? A Court proceeding must be started by claim unless the Uniform Civil Procedure Rule 1999 (Qld) (‘UCPR’) or other legislation (‘Act’) require or permit the proceeding to be started by application. Unlike a claim, a party that commences a Court proceeding by […]