Court Litigation

We represent our clients in the resolution of disputes, negotiating out-of-Court settlements and commencing or defending Court proceedings.

For example, we will:

  • issue:
    • simple letters of demand
    • substantive letters of demand
    • substantive letters asserting legal rights and requesting action or inaction
    • substantive letters offering to settle or compromise disputes
  • prepare:
  • commence or defend Court proceedings before:
    • the Magistrates Court of Queensland
    • the District Court of Queensland
    • the Supreme Court of Queensland
    • the Federal Court or Federal Circuit Court
  • assist clients before the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Contact us today on 07 3088 7937 or email us at admin@adviilaw.com.au if you require legal advice, assistance or representation in these areas, or would like to arrange an initial consultation at our office to discuss your matter.

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